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Who are we ?

Christian Aschard

During his junior officer's career within the Military Equestrian Sports in the CSEM of Fontainebleau, Christian Aschard begins to build his first cross obstacles. Intervening from then on on runways as Fontainebleau or Saumur, he acquires during 15 years a unique know-how. In 2001, when he leaves the army to create its company Equibois Création, he takes the challenge to conceive the runway of European championships Séniors organized in Pau. Won bet. Since 2001, Equibois Création is at the origin of the conception of runways welcoming the big international meetings. From Saumur to Vittel, coming through Pau or Fontainebleau, or the famous Aachen, Equibois Création takes part to all the events. CIC, CCI, 1 - 4 *, World Equestrian Games, French championships, European championships, Seniors, Juniors, CICO, World cup events.

Equibois Création takes part in the most beautiful challenges.

Equibois Création takes part in the most beautiful challenges. Appreciated and greeted for his numerous creations, " a magic cross builder ", Ouest France / May 2007, " at the origin of some of the most beautiful French realizations ", Cheval Pratique / October 2006, Christian Aschard tries hard to develop and to bring a construction style matching quality and aestheticism and answering the technical requirements of the high-level competition. Recognized on the French and international scene (stage), " the Silversmith in the chain saw ", as a daily paper of the Grand Sud titled, puts its skills and his experience in your service to conceive, with you, all your projects of construction of obstacles of Cross, Harness and Steeplechase. Conception, Construction, Implementation, with Equibois Création, offer yourselves a customized service.

His team

Equibois Création is a faithful professionals constituted team. It has all the human, technical and material means to take part in the most beautiful events and take up the most beautiful challenges : CIC, CCI, 1 - 4 *, French championships, European championships, Seniors, Juniors, CICO, tests(events) World cup, World Equestrian Games(Sets): Aachen in 2006 and Normandy 2014.

Equibois Création provides you with

  • Infrastructures (workshops of manufacturing, zones of storage)
  • Stocks of portable obstacles
  • Equipment (1800 pickets PVC for smoothing, 20000 metres of rope, 600 polycarbonate pickets pennants, 6 sets of numbers and pennants which can allow the installation of 180 obstacles of simultaneous cross)
  • Vehicles: road tractor, semi-trailer METACO of 13,80 m, one semi-trailer SAMRO tray of 13,80 m for the transport of high and big equipment, obstacles and materials, 4 wheels Polaris vehicles, quads, vans of delivery, two loaders KUBOTA ( mechanic shovel), a trailer door-vehicle…

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