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Système de fanions de sécurité articulés pour obstacles de cross

procedesSince 2005, for the courses of cross in three-day event, Equibois Création has finalized a process of articulated pennants of security which falls in the passage of the horse, takes back its initial position once the obstacle crossed by the couple rider / horse.

Pennants, numbers and letters in PVC taken up on clips: easy and fast implementation. in case of shock, the pennant is ejected and does not represent an additional danger of scratch or wound of the horse or the rider.


3 key points of this process developed by EQUIBOIS Création :

1. Improvement of the conditions of security for the couple rider / horse
2. Adaptation to any supports, to any materials and to any forms of obstacles
3. Thanks to the articulated process, the profile of the obstacle stays the same for the following competitor.

Tested successfully in official events, in particular during the 2006 World Equestrian Games of Aachen, the process did not really meet favorable echo. It is Icare d' Auzay's fatal accident in Badminton which will be a turning point and will make become aware that the proposed system is an additional guarantee of comfort and that it improves clearly horse and rider safety  conditions.

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